Book Review: The Journey of One Buddhist Nun

The Journey of One Buddhist Nun – Sid Brown – ISBN: 0791450961

The basis of this book is the story of one Maechi (Nun) and her journey from a hard life in Thailand to living in a samnakĀ or nunnery near Bangkok. The book is written by a visitor to this nunnery, who traded private english lessons for the story. One of the main themes is the equality of the sexes, in everything from education to pursuing the enlightened path as a monk or nun.

An interesting point that the book makes is the difference between people who had contact or experience with the Maechi and people who didn’t. The people who had never met one of the nuns had a vastly different and somewhat warped view compared to the people who had come in contact with the maechi. This is a point which is all to evident within life itself, people who believe the stereotypes, and people who don’t.

In essence, this book is about the journey of a young Thai woman who goes against the normal, expected life to instead pursue the path of Buddhism. At the same time, the entirety of the Thai culture changes with her.


Cherry Blossoms in Hamburg


Cherry Blossoms in Hamburg

This is an iconic photo within the thousands of photos I have taken, as it could have been taken anywhere in the world. The Cherry Blossoms come up quite frequently in my travels and readings, so I find it a fitting picture to start off this new adventure.