Travel and arrival

At the end of August, I  permanently left my  main home of 18 years to move to Delft for the next few years, in the Netherlands. I left with one backpack, and two medium sized pieces of luggage. This was probably the heaviest I’ve ever packed for a trip such as this one, but one piece of luggage contained only Kendo and other sports equipment, and my jackets.

The airline which I used was Icelandair, my favorite for moving to and from Europe, since I have two free checked luggage with any ticket I buy. I ended up taking the redeye from Washington to Iceland, which looking back on it, was not the best idea.  I expected there to be more food in the Iceland airport so I could buy breakfast, but that didn’t happen. Window seats are the best for sleeping through the entire flight, you can lean against the window or on the tray table etc.  I think I slept through both flights, arriving in Amsterdam at noon.

Skipping through the bus ride to Delft, I ended up picking up my keys at the TUDelft welcome center and had to wait a long time to get driven to my accommodation. I lived quite close to where the center was, but with my two suitcases, it was too much. Another example of why I don’t travel heavy. I live now in a decently large apartment with four other people.  We share a large kitchen/dining room area, and each have our own bedroom. The price is a bit steep, but can’t get much better in location or niceness for university housing.

Before this ends, a list of the most crucial things to buy when a student in the Netherlands:


-Rain gear (if you didn’t bring any)

-Buienalarm (Phone app for rain, also a website)

-OV-Chipkaart (Transit Card) with the 40% off peak discount if that applies to your needs

-Bicycle (really, it will end up saving you so much time and money)


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