Picking yourself up

Every once in a while, I encounter something which makes me really angry at myself. Take yesterday for example. I play Kendo, but had to take a year break because there was no place to practice.  I started up again last week, and training yesterday went terribly. I had lost so much skill and understanding that everything I did was slightly wrong, or I wasn’t able to keep up. The anger at myself rose and rose until it hit a breaking point where I almost cried.

But then I realized something.

The anger does NOTHING. absolutely nothing. I must pick myself up and move on. I can make resolutions for the future, and promise to work hard until I make it.

This is the mindset that I left training with. This is the mindset which will take me far, not one full of anger and self-hate. It has strengthened my resolve to move forward and not be weighted down by the past.


5 thoughts on “Picking yourself up

  1. You hit it on the head! Anger does nothing. It just slows you down and fills your head with unnecessary thoughts. How long have you been doing Kendo for by the way?

    • I did it for a little under two years, and then I had to take a forced break (around a year) due to time constraints and where I was living. I just restarted last week, though of course my hip/knee injury from 3 years ago starting flaring up yesterday, so that will be another challenge.

      • Old injuries can be the bane of, right? Don’t let it get you down though! I used to know a guy who had feet problem and he actually wore shoes to practice. He was fast as a snake. It was a bit strange to play against a guy in shoes though.

      • Yep, especially since there is no evident cause to the debilitating pain I sometimes get. Went to two doctors, neither could find a cause, so I’m voting nerve damage.

        Doesn’t help that I currently live in the exact climate that makes it all worse. Really, I’ve lived a bit farther north, and a bit farther south, and it was never this bad. Maybe I should ask about a forearm crutch.

        Debating about keeping Kendo things in this blog or moving them to a new one.

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