23 Things You Miss When You Leave Maryland

I grew up with the majority of my time in Maryland. This list is very true, especially about Old Bay.

Thought Catalog

1. Crab-based foods — from soup, to cakes, to dip, to burgers — that have the big-ass chunks of real jumbo meat. (You are deeply offended by the stringy, lame crab products that try to pass themselves off as the good stuff.)

2. Having four distinct, intense seasons. Although this may include three-foot-deep blizzards (big ups 2010!) in winter and 110 degrees with 90 percent humidity in summer, at least you are getting all of the weather-related experiences a human can have.

3. Putting Old Bay on everything. I used to be hard, I once saw a man sprinkle Old Bay on his ice cream and thought nothing of it, now I occasionally forget how good that stuff tastes on popcorn. What has happened to me???

4. Going to Ocean City for a weekend in the summer and leaving all caution — and sense of dignity — at home. At…

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