Picking yourself up

Every once in a while, I encounter something which makes me really angry at myself. Take yesterday for example. I play Kendo, but had to take a year break because there was no place to practice.  I started up again last week, and training yesterday went terribly. I had lost so much skill and understanding that everything I did was slightly wrong, or I wasn’t able to keep up. The anger at myself rose and rose until it hit a breaking point where I almost cried.

But then I realized something.

The anger does NOTHING. absolutely nothing. I must pick myself up and move on. I can make resolutions for the future, and promise to work hard until I make it.

This is the mindset that I left training with. This is the mindset which will take me far, not one full of anger and self-hate. It has strengthened my resolve to move forward and not be weighted down by the past.